Music for podcasts

One of the most popular sessions on the PSA Blended Learning courses is on how to make your own podcasts. Recording and editing voice is straightforward. Adding music is also easy to learn. However, the question that arises with music is always the one of copyright.

Most people know that if you use a clip from a song by your favourite pop singer then you are likely to be in breach of copyright rules. This doesn’t mean you have to dig out your old Stylophone and tamborine and record your own. There’s lots of music available on the Web which is covered by the Creative Commons licence. The folks who have written and recorded these tracks are more than happy for you to use them or parts of them as long as you follow the rules of the licence and give them due credit.

Here’s a ready made list of Pod-safe instrumentals from the wonderful Free Music Archive to get you started. Have fun!

Change at the top – e-lesson

In case you missed it due to glitches in the blog, Pete’s most recent e-lesson is available here.

It’s on the life and times of the man retiring from his position at the top of the British supermarket giant Tesco.

The blog is back!!

Hello there. Our blog is back after a slightly extended technical hiccup. Sorry if you’ve been trying to drop by and catch up.

Hopefully everything works fine now and, as a side-effect, I’ve learned a bit about fixing and restoring databases – which is good.

Thanks for reading.

Augmented reality – a new podcast from Pete & Barney

What is ‘augmented reality’? Click on the link below to listen to our latest podcast and find out!

The podcast (created by Pete and Barney as an example of a teacher-produced podcast) is a three-minute clip from a business programme and is based on a forthcoming e-lesson, to be published by Macmillan next month.

This podcast is not meant to be used with students but was just the result of us trialling microphone and editing with Audacity – and to provide a taster of future ELT lesson material! Enjoy listening!

Augmented Reality – podcast

Networking in English: The Movie

Understandably excited about the arrival of our latest book – Networking in English – we have made a video of Pete explaining the benefits and the thinking behind the syllabus.

If you haven’t already seen it head straight for the homepage of te4be and take a look.

The 3D version will be available as soon as James Cameron calls us from Hollywood!

PSA Blended Learning course in Italy

A short note to say thank you to everyone who attended the PSA Blended Learning course at The London School in Thiene in Italy last weekend and, of course, a special thanks to Julie for organising it. We had a great time and were challenged by a dynamic group of teachers to present our information and opinions as clearly as possible and then to help them realise some of their ideas and plans using the technologies and tools covered on the course.

We were royally looked after with endless cups of tea and wonderful cheese sandwiches which kept us from flagging during our demos and discussions of blogs, podcasts, IWBs, Moodles and all the other things that the course covers.

There were many questions we were not able to answer due to time and, sometimes, the fact that we had not thought about those issues ourselves. The answers to questions should start to trickle through very soon.

te4be Newsletter winter 2009 – out now

te4be newsletterOur latest newsletter is now available for subscribers to te4be to download. It contains articles about Pete’s trips to south America and what he found out about how they are using technology in their classrooms. There are also up-dates on the progress of Pete Sharma Associates.

If you would like to receive the newsletter please sign up as a subscriber. If you are a subscriber and have had any difficulties in downloading the newsletter please feel free to get in touch and we’ll make sure you are able to read it.

IWB: set-up

Suddenly realised that I have yet to post my first thoughts and experiences of using an interactive whiteboard. This is probably more a result having too much fun learning to use it and not spending enough time recording what I’ve done.

Setting the board up had been one area that I’d been nervous about. This as due to having seen a demonstration of an IWB some years ago in which the presentor struggled to persuade the device to do what he wanted before an expectant but fidgety audience.

In fact, this may have been an unusual event. The board I’m using has yet to find a permanent home and so often has to set up and rolled out of the way separate from the projector after each outing. Once the hardware has been positioned (the projector is also on a wheeled trolley), the orientation program is easy to run. Nine points on the board have to be selected using one of the pens and the board is ready to go. It’s almost too easy.

More to come soon.