Caracas workshop – Handout

30 ideas workshopIn my workshop today at the British Council event in Caracas (English – the way to go)30 Practical ideas for using  digital technologies in ELT– I divided the ideas into four groups: ideas which need IWB software; ideas which need the Internet; those which don’t; and Apps. The same as the workshops on Monday and Tuesday. Here is the Handout. 30 Practical ideas for using technology-new

What a fantastic way to finish the workshop – with singing and dancing! Pretty much the same way all my workshops end, in true Anglo-Saxon tradition….

Digital English Tunisia 2015: 2.0 Sfax

IMG_0832IMG_0833What a brilliant event in Sfax, Tunisia last weekend. Organised by the British Council, we enjoyed great sessions on new technology, lovely teachers, lively discussions and fabulous food. Here’s the conference room just before my opening plenary, and then 10 minutes later…..

My workshop may have broken the world record for words-per-minute, so here – as promised – is the Handout with 21 ideas, linked to a .pdf of screenshots.

Handout 21 Practical ideas for using technology

.pdf of the PPT 21 ideas – 8 slides

Wonderful memories and a great set of new friends.

Pete Sharma’s six greatest IATEFL Manchester moments


Pete Sharma’s Top Six IATEFL moments

1 The start of Will Nash and David Read’s presentation

They’d recorded a green screen video of themselves talking. They then had a ‘conversation’ with their on-screen talking heads. Best moment? Will on-screen taunting newly shaven off-screen Will: “Where’s the beard?”

(A similar effect achieved by Shaun Wilden and Nikola Fortova in their session on apps, using an avatar)

I tried on Google Glass. Not the best moment of the conference, as I’d just learned seconds before that glass was being discontinued. And I wear glasses, so, er, I couldn’t actually see anything much…

2 Aurasma with Stephen Pilton

I’d read the article in Modern English Teacher. I’d used the pictures in that article to demonstrate Augmented Reality. But I didn’t really quite ‘get’ Aurasma until this session. A refreshingly humorous session in the midst of the intellectual earnestness.

3 Hacking the classroom

Stop the clocks. Cancel the milk. Paul Driver’s speaking. The one unmissable presentation. (See photo)

4 App smashing with Jo Dale

When I first saw Joe Dale talk about this, at a Learning Technology SIG day, I took notes. I kept up (just) with the breakneck speed. But I actually didn’t quite understand app-smashing.

I do now.

Best moment: Joe talking OVER his avatar talking and explaining something on-screen. Talk about multi-sensory, multi-dimensional input. Very funny and a great last session.

5 The International Quiz

Spent a year preparing for this – watching University Challenge; Eggheads; Only Connect; Pointless. Family Guy (for the one question about, er, Family Guy).

We (The Schwas) were first equal. All credit to our writer Sue Lyon-Jones. And well done Gavin for declaring a draw after the second tie-breaker.

And we nearly didn’t go…

6 Carol Ann Duffy

Mrs Midas; Mrs Aesop.

Those were the top six. There’s NO time to mention:

  • the British Council party at the Town Hall
  • air dropping with the fabulous Arena sisters
  • the Cultura Inglesa session on Pinterest by Andreia Zakime
  • Paul Sweeney’s excellent talk on on-line course construction, demonstrating exactly what a good session should be…
  • catching up with the wonderful Liliana Simon, who showed me the hidden trigger on the cover of Gavin and Nicky’s book
  • meeting my co-author, Jeremy Day, AFTER we had done an eBook together!
  • chatting to dear colleagues

OK – off to join the hashtag ‘Already missing Manchester’ group…:-)

One-month, online course launch: Getting Blended Learning Right

itdi-bl course

I don’t remember the exact hour of the precise day of which month I got bitten by the Blended Learning bug, but it has been a long and interesting flirtation, through connotation and translation (‘co-existencia’), from platform to platform, and recently to research via the flipped classroom……some of the fruits of this labour have been used (to mix metaphors) to enrich and inform a new, online course called: Getting Blended Learning Right

You can get iTDi certified in Blended Learning in this four-week iTDi Advanced course. You’ll learn what blended learning is and isn’t, why so many who try to implement a blended approach rarely get it right, and what’s involved in setting up a blended language learning program. Whether you’re a teacher, trainer, manager or principal you’ll learn how to build a blended program that’s just right for your particular context.

Live sessions:

  • Sunday March 8th – course participants only (60 minutes)
  • Sunday March 15th – course participants only (60 minutes)
  • Sunday March 22nd – course participants only (60 minutes)
  • Sunday March 29th – course participants only (60 minutes)

Time: 13:00 – 14:00 GMT (Don’t forget to check your local time)

Enroll in the entire course for only US $59

Course + Evaluation + Certificate of Accomplishment US $89

To book your place on the course, visit: