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0 (3)Head of famous fashion label Burberry announces shock move

Last week’s announcement that the chief executive of Burberry plc, Angela Ahrendts, will leave the famous luxury goods firm next year, to join technology giant Apple, sent shock waves through the city.

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Is there a future for libraries? New e-lesson blog

0 (2) Just heard that Sheffield City Council planning to close libraries – unless members of the public volunteer to work there to keep them open….

The latest e-lesson blog from Macmillan tackles this very topic….

Earlier this month, Europe’s largest library opened in Birmingham, UK. (See photo, left!) Will it become a model for 21st century public libraries?

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New e-lesson blog post from Macmillan – Google Glass


Google Glass – a glimpse of the future?

Earlier this month, San Francisco hosted Google’s annual development conference, which showcases the company’s innovations. This year, there was one big talking point: Google Glass.

Google Glass is probably the world’s most hyped product, and it hasn’t even been launched yet. The product is expected to actually retail next year.

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New e-lesson blog on Pinterest

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying preparing sessions for the British Council Roadshow in Argentina and learning a lot about Social Media. I’ve just joined Instagram and Pinterest…….

The latest e-lesson blog from Macmillan is on Pinterest, and possible applications in the business world. You can download it here:


It might inspire you to join the social meeting site that is so much in the news at the moment! Enjoy – hope you find it (er) Pinteresting….

Latest Macmillan e-lesson blog: Hurricane Sandy – calculating the damage

It struck last month with a force which made headlines round the world. Hurricane Sandy. In the Caribbean, it caused death and destruction. As it continued up the eastern seaboard of the United States, dramatic images of its effects on New York and New Jersey were sent around the world.

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Have you or your students ever made a claim on insurance? What happened?

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