Review of Best Practices for Blended Learning

HUGE thanks to Wayne Trotman, reviewer extraordinaire’ for his recent review just published in the EL Gazette

Blending in
Wayne Trotman reviews a book outlining a sensible approach to blended or ‘flipped’ learning


“Implementing a BL course requires a framework and a platform, and the two chapters covering this area are perhaps the most enlightening in the whole book.”

“The authors have done superbly well to reduce what might appear to be a complicated area to one that even IT dunderheads such as myself could appreciate with ease.”

For the complete review, visit the EL Gazette:

UES ELT Fest – Antaliya – Pete’s PPT and online flashcard site

 It was a REAL pleasure to come over  to the UES ELT Fest – ‘magic’ in fact. Thanks SO much for the invitation and opportunity.

Here is the 6-page .pdf Handout – of my power point


Thanks to Ozge (Terakki schools, Istanbul) for sharing a website which she has used to create Flashcards:

Particularly recommended are the two games. Enjoy – and thanks again

Bells Educational Technology course – Homerton

group pI’m really enjoying training on this Ed Tech course. It’s great fun to co-run a course with my long-time partner in crime, co-author and buddy Barney.

I have group /p/ and Barney has group /b/

Here are a few comments from some of my students about their experience so far:

Learning about a lot of useful resources for my teaching… Great! – Piedad

Apart of new interesting concepts connected with pedagogy I’ve been learning some new English vocabulary in this course as well. For example, a ‘laggard’ – a person who adopts a new technology as the last one:) – Sarka

Unique ambience, wonderful people and many inspiring ideas! 🙂 It is a great and rewarding experience! 🙂 – ANGELIKA

Good introduction to different tools and technologies, great group. – Sebastjan



Bells brilliant Blended Learning group

blended groupWhat a great week! this is my class here in lovely Cambridge. Here are a few student comments:

Sander: What a great learning experience! Great group!

Elena: One of the best courses I have attended and also one of the happiest times in my life!

Angela: What a chance to blend with teachers from different cultures and learn about blended learning with brilliant Mr Sharma!

Tina: So grateful for the opportunity to be sitting here among some of the best professionals in the field of English teaching. Thank you.

Paola: Stimulating for a math teacher too!!



imageIATEFL conference once again great for absorbing new ideas, catching up with friends and colleagues….great sessions which will enrich our forthcoming course on ICT on ELT.