Recycling text books

My wife and I have a whole load of individual text books for EFL, EAP, business English, ESP, you name it. As our careers have evolved, we have little use for the majority of them, and now they are taking up space that we need for other books, etc. I’m sure this is familiar to many of you. I would say we have around 60 books that we no longer need, all in good or brand-new condition. As a result, I spent some time today searching online to see if any organisations recycle such things to developing countries, for example. To be honest, I found nothing that clearly told me they could handle such things.

So, does anybody out there know of any way of productively giving these books another use? I would be grateful to hear on Thanks.

Review of Best Practices for Blended Learning

HUGE thanks to Wayne Trotman, reviewer extraordinaire’ for his recent review just published in the EL Gazette

Blending in
Wayne Trotman reviews a book outlining a sensible approach to blended or ‘flipped’ learning


“Implementing a BL course requires a framework and a platform, and the two chapters covering this area are perhaps the most enlightening in the whole book.”

“The authors have done superbly well to reduce what might appear to be a complicated area to one that even IT dunderheads such as myself could appreciate with ease.”

For the complete review, visit the EL Gazette:

UES ELT Fest – Antaliya – Pete’s PPT and online flashcard site

 It was a REAL pleasure to come over  to the UES ELT Fest – ‘magic’ in fact. Thanks SO much for the invitation and opportunity.

Here is the 6-page .pdf Handout – of my power point


Thanks to Ozge (Terakki schools, Istanbul) for sharing a website which she has used to create Flashcards:

Particularly recommended are the two games. Enjoy – and thanks again

Bells Educational Technology course – Homerton

group pI’m really enjoying training on this Ed Tech course. It’s great fun to co-run a course with my long-time partner in crime, co-author and buddy Barney.

I have group /p/ and Barney has group /b/

Here are a few comments from some of my students about their experience so far:

Learning about a lot of useful resources for my teaching… Great! – Piedad

Apart of new interesting concepts connected with pedagogy I’ve been learning some new English vocabulary in this course as well. For example, a ‘laggard’ – a person who adopts a new technology as the last one:) – Sarka

Unique ambience, wonderful people and many inspiring ideas! 🙂 It is a great and rewarding experience! 🙂 – ANGELIKA

Good introduction to different tools and technologies, great group. – Sebastjan



Bells brilliant Blended Learning group

blended groupWhat a great week! this is my class here in lovely Cambridge. Here are a few student comments:

Sander: What a great learning experience! Great group!

Elena: One of the best courses I have attended and also one of the happiest times in my life!

Angela: What a chance to blend with teachers from different cultures and learn about blended learning with brilliant Mr Sharma!

Tina: So grateful for the opportunity to be sitting here among some of the best professionals in the field of English teaching. Thank you.

Paola: Stimulating for a math teacher too!!



imageIATEFL conference once again great for absorbing new ideas, catching up with friends and colleagues….great sessions which will enrich our forthcoming course on ICT on ELT.