• One-month, online course launch: Getting Blended Learning Right Posted by Pete on 18 February, 2015

    itdi-bl course

    I don’t remember the exact hour of the precise day of which month I got bitten by the Blended Learning bug, but it has been a long and interesting flirtation, through connotation and translation (‘co-existencia’), from platform to platform, and recently to research via the flipped classroom……some of the fruits of this labour have been used (to mix metaphors) to enrich and inform a new, online course called: Getting Blended Learning Right

    You can get iTDi certified in Blended Learning in this four-week iTDi Advanced course. You’ll learn what blended learning is and isn’t, why so many who try to implement a blended approach rarely get it right, and what’s involved in setting up a blended language learning program. Whether you’re a teacher, trainer, manager or principal you’ll learn how to build a blended program that’s just right for your particular context.

    Live sessions:

    • Sunday March 8th – course participants only (60 minutes)
    • Sunday March 15th – course participants only (60 minutes)
    • Sunday March 22nd – course participants only (60 minutes)
    • Sunday March 29th – course participants only (60 minutes)

    Time: 13:00 – 14:00 GMT (Don’t forget to check your local time)

    Enroll in the entire course for only US $59

    Course + Evaluation + Certificate of Accomplishment US $89

    To book your place on the course, visit:

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  • BETT in a nutshell – a ‘one-minute’ report Posted by Pete on 30 January, 2015

    BETT in a nutshell – one-minute report

    Last Friday I went to the BETT (British Education and Training Technology) show at Excel. In a nutshell:

    It was overwhelming this year – it seems bigger than ever. That meant the queue at Costa was longer than ever, too

    IWBs – the number of simultaneous users was up to TEN! Crikey…


    My two favourite stop-offs were:

    Imaginality Learning

    Picked up some ‘paddles’ which I’ve held in front of the web-cam on my laptop to produce 3D virtual reality images of the planets, dinosaurs, a skeleton…

    and FlashSticks®

    Vocab Post It notes. When a FlashStick note is viewed through a mobile phone / tablet camera, a video of a tutor will appear show you exactly how to pronounce the word.

    Was all the madness and mayhem worthwhile? Definitely…

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  • iTDi launches new TD modules on using technology Posted by Pete on 4 January, 2015

    024We are delighted to announce the launch of Module 26 in the suite of Teacher Development material from iTDi, entitled: Using digital technology in the classroom


    1. An introduction to the digital classroom: theory to practice

    2. The Internet as a resource

    3. Blogs and wikis

    4. Interactive whiteboards

    5. Using interactive whiteboards

    6. Attitudes to using interactive whiteboards

    For more information, and to buy the lessons, please visit:

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  • Going Mobile – review copy Posted by Pete on 15 December, 2014

    untitled (25)My review copy of Going Mobile has just arrived! Thanks to Cengage and to Delta Publishing. Woo hoo – been waiting for this for a while. Congrats to the authors (Nicky Hockly and Gavin Dudeney). That takes care of tomorrow, then – the review should be coming to an EL Gazette near you, April 2015…..

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  • Digital tools and technology in training Posted by Kevin on 22 November, 2014

    I have always been of the opinion that the decisions we make as educators should be informed by research. As such, I am glad that a colleague, Deborah Capras, is undertaking some research in the area of digital tools and technology in training. A copy of her e-mail to me is below, and she has confirmed that she would like as many people as possible to participate in this survey.

    I am currently doing some research on the use of digital tools and technology in corporate language training. As an experienced and respected professional in this area, I’d like to ask you to take a few minutes to fill in a short survey on this topic. I will send out a summary of the results to participants who provide their emails at the end of the survey, so I hope you will also gain some insight from it.

    Your time and input is very much appreciated. Please forward this email to anyone you think might be interested in the results.

    Thank you.

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  • Handout – MICELT: 22 apps for for language learning and teaching Posted by Pete on 29 September, 2014

    Here is the one-page app handout following my workshop at MICELT earlier this month.


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  • Online dictionaries – Modern English Teacher Vol. 23/3 Posted by Pete on 23 June, 2014

    UntitledI love dictionaries. What’s more, my students love dictionaries. I remember when I first saw a CD-ROM dictionary. The presenter demonstrated, “If you don’t know a word in the definition, double-click on it, and you are taken immediately to a definition of that word!” This was my introduction to hyperlinks, and I was hooked. Since that memorable moment, I have used both print and electronic dictionaries with my learners, moving from CD-ROM to DVD-ROM, to online dictionaries and apps, deftly sidestepping the ubiquitous electronic dictionaries so beloved of my students.

    For the complete article, please see “Using online dictionaries in English Language Courses’ (Pete Sharma) in the latest edition of Modern English Teacher Vol. 23/3

    It’s a cracking issue with articles on augmented reality, designing mobile-based learning experiences, teaching through Skype and Blended Learning.

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  • Teachitworld Newsletter – Blended Learning and the Flipped Classroom Posted by Pete on 22 January, 2014

    The latest newsletter from Teachitworld is themed – and the theme is Blended learning and the flipped classroom.

    There are articles from Nik Peachey & Russell Stannard, as well as myself. Visit:

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  • Blog post on Apps Posted by Pete on 31 July, 2013

    imageMarcus evans Linguarama have posted on Apps in business English. The post looks at apps such as Flipboard and Evernote….

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  • Creating screencasts Posted by Kevin on 11 July, 2013

    We rarely write about software on this blog, but I am currently in the process of creating some screencasts for online training material. I tried several free applications, such as Jing, to produce the videos, but they were all so restricted in some way, or difficult to use, that I was starting to wonder how I was to do it. I have known for many years that Camtasia is considered the leading product in this field, but can’t afford to buy it at the moment. However, they do offer a 30-day trial with no functional restrictions. I have to say that I am massively impressed by it. I find it incredibly easy to use and its flexibility is amazing. What surprised me was the degree of editing you can do within the application, rather than having to use specialised software, for audio editing for example. Once this job is finished, I

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    fancy using the “green screen” function to have some fun with! I will certainly do my best to afford this product once the trial is over.

    If anybody does think they have an application that is also really good in this area, do let us know in a comment.

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