• Online dictionaries – Modern English Teacher Vol. 23/3 Posted by Pete on 23 June, 2014

    UntitledI love dictionaries. What’s more, my students love dictionaries. I remember when I first saw a CD-ROM dictionary. The presenter demonstrated, “If you don’t know a word in the definition, double-click on it, and you are taken immediately to a definition of that word!” This was my introduction to hyperlinks, and I was hooked. Since that memorable moment, I have used both print and electronic dictionaries with my learners, moving from CD-ROM to DVD-ROM, to online dictionaries and apps, deftly sidestepping the ubiquitous electronic dictionaries so beloved of my students.

    For the complete article, please see “Using online dictionaries in English Language Courses’ (Pete Sharma) in the latest edition of Modern English Teacher Vol. 23/3

    It’s a cracking issue with articles on augmented reality, designing mobile-based learning experiences, teaching through Skype and Blended Learning.

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  • Teachitworld Newsletter – Blended Learning and the Flipped Classroom Posted by Pete on 22 January, 2014

    The latest newsletter from Teachitworld is themed - and the theme is Blended learning and the flipped classroom.

    There are articles from Nik Peachey & Russell Stannard, as well as myself. Visit:

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  • Blog post on Apps Posted by Pete on 31 July, 2013

    imageMarcus evans Linguarama have posted on Apps in business English. The post looks at apps such as Flipboard and Evernote….

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  • Creating screencasts Posted by Kevin on 11 July, 2013

    We rarely write about software on this blog, but I am currently in the process of creating some screencasts for online training material. I tried several free applications, such as Jing, to produce the videos, but they were all so restricted in some way, or difficult to use, that I was starting to wonder how I was to do it. I have known for many years that Camtasia is considered the leading product in this field, but can’t afford to buy it at the moment. However, they do offer a 30-day trial with no functional restrictions. I have to say that I am massively impressed by it. I find it incredibly easy to use and its flexibility is amazing. What surprised me was the degree of editing you can do within the application, rather than having to use specialised software, for audio editing for example. Once this job is finished, I

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    fancy using the “green screen” function to have some fun with! I will certainly do my best to afford this product once the trial is over.

    If anybody does think they have an application that is also really good in this area, do let us know in a comment.

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  • BESIG Issues – Autumn 2012 Posted by Pete on 26 October, 2012

    The Learning Technologies page

    In this edition of BESIG Issues, the Learning Technologies page focuses on apps. First, it looks at QR code readers. It then looks at a couple of apps of interest to BESIG members: a new business English app from Collins and a dictation app.

    For the rest of this article from Barney and Pete, you know what to do! Just zap up to the latest BESIG ISSUES. You will need your IATEFL password, naturally.

    Alternatives to NOT reading the Learning Technologies page are: (a) come to the App session at BESIG conference in Stuttgart next month (b) eat your heart out, become sad and blue etc.

    Hope you enjoy the article!!!!

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  • Mind maps Posted by Kevin on 19 July, 2012

    I am in the middle of writing some training materials on using digital resources in language teaching and came across this mind map on using mind maps. I have to admit that I am not somebody who uses mind maps a great deal, but they are a tool I find useful in certain situations. This particular mind map made me think about a new way to help my EAP students this summer to summarise and write texts. In the hope that it might help others, here is the link:


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  • IWB workshop – Colchester Posted by Pete on 5 July, 2012

    I had a great trip to Colchester last week to work with teachers on using IWBs. We had a very interesting look at pros and cons – lots of food for thought which is currently feeding into the training materials I am writing.

    Here are some useful post session links:

    Template for writing activities for the IWB template

    Article from MET: 10 things to do with an Interactive whiteboard IWB


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  • Enhancing Presentations with Technology – new Linguarama blog post Posted by Pete on 11 April, 2012

    Many Business English language learners need to give presentations for work and professional puprposes. This blog post looks at some of the techniques and technologies they can use.

    For the rest of this post, please visit:

    Linguarama blog


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  • Three reasons to be cheerful about IWBs Posted by Pete on 26 January, 2012

    It’s been a good day on the IWB front, for three reasons.

    1. I was chatting (through the keyboard) with a colleague with a brief to buy an IWB and I was interested in learning what his choice would be. SMART? Promethean? Hitachi? He went with a Panabord (from Panasonic), mostly for the local support offered (Kalyan works in India) and looking at the info, I think he made a good choice.

    Wanna check it out? Click here:

    2 I managed (all on my ownsome) to download Promethean’s ActivInspire software onto my new Mac in advance of the English UK Training day on IWBs. The Wimbledon school of English, the host school, has Promethean boards. First impressions: the interface actually looks much easier than the older version (Active Studio)

    3  I even found time to watch half of Barbara Garner’s recent webinar – Cool ideas for IWBs. Isn’t that a great thing about recorded webinars – you can watch them as and when you wish to. Second half tomorrow, yeah. If you are a member of the IATEFL LT SIG, you can watch the webinar for free. If you aren’t, join.

    How are you going with your IWB? Are you in full flow, or is it gathering dust? If it’s the second scenario, there are still places on English UK’s Training Day 11th February in London. For more info, visit:

    I’d love to see you there!


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  • New blog post series – number 1: Apps for language learning Posted by Pete on 8 December, 2011

    I am really delighted to say that the first in a new series of blog posts has just gone up. These posts are written for the language training organisation marcus evans Linguarama. These posts are available to everyone in the language teaching profession on the Linguarama blog.

    Over the coming months, this series of posts will be looking at technology in language teaching, along with other aspects of business English and language teaching.


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