Student-recommended sites

Here are some links recommended to us by students, either directly or via their teachers. The first one ever is provided by Abby, who we think is in Delaware, USA.

ESL Partyland

This is what the site has to say for itself:

Learning English as a second language for school, for work, or for personal interest is an exciting, challenging journey. Students can choose from many methods to learn English as a second language: traditional ESL classes, DVD and CD courses, instructional textbooks, private tutoring, and online courses. The online ESL learning tools available through this site are valuable resources for every type of student. These engaging, relevant, topical lessons, quizzes, and games expand opportunities to use English in different settings, reinforce new concepts, and expose students to new vocabulary.

For teachers of English as a second language, ESL PartyLand offers materials and teaching ideas for every type of classroom and learner. Learn how to teach ESL through music, film, video, and the Internet and find materials and lesson plans to use when teaching conversation, grammar, listening, and speaking skills.

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