Issues in T.E.L.L.

Handout 1 from Pete’s 2005 IATEFL presentation: “Successful teaching – successful learning”

1. Personalisation

Does your teacher know you?

2. The nature of feedback

3. Speech recognition software

4. Skills work

· writing vs speaking
· on-screen reading
· video

5. Pedagogical rationale / purpose

· why do we learn languages? (on-line environment vs real meet)
· grammar as “product” vs “process”
· cognitive engagement in interactive exercises
· what are the roles of the teacher and the technology

6. Translation

· helpful? accurate or misleading?

7. Value of communication tools

on-line chat in English no teacher to moderate

8. The validity of on-line testing

· on-line evaluation gives a “level”, then assigns a pre-written body of exercises
· does not take other affective factors into consideration, including personality, motivation, hesitancy etc.

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