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Handout 2 from Pete’s 2005 IATEFL presentation: “Successful teaching – successful learning”

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Technology enhanced language learning. Increasing numbers of schools are offering learners the possibility of using technology to support their efforts at learning English. Although teachers and students alike may hold positive or negative views on using technology to enhance their courses, many would now agree that blended learning – a combination of F2F (face-to-face) teaching and learners working independently using interactive self-study material – offers an effective approach to learning.


Inside Out: e-lesson

The e-lesson
· Teachers’ notes
· Suggested hyperlinks
· Warehouse
· “The corridor effect”
· stackable vs non-stackable

CD-ROM dictionary – Macmillan Essential Dictionary

MED quickfind window

CD-ROM is a powerful learning tool. One of the most useful features is the search engine. Learners have instant access to a word, and can practise pronouncing it. The Quick Search (left) can be positioned on a web page. Hover the mouse over a word and see the definition and / or click to listen to the word. This facility to access meaning on demand can be enormously beneficial for developing students reading skills.

Macmillan English Dictionary On-line

MED online

Key features of the MEDO:

-The opportunity to listen to a word or expression in English and American
-Frequency of words shown through colours (red words) and stars
– “new words” section, allowing the on-line dictionary to be kept up to date
-scrollable pages, allowing users to view the target lexis in the context of words which occur before and after in the on-line dictionary

Dictionary e-lessons:

The English Campus

Macmillan English Campus

A Virtual Learning Environment can enhance F2F teaching. Macmillan’s English Campus, one such platform, is for use by teachers to support their courses. It offers learners real opportunities to increase the amount of time they spend studying outside the lesson, and so increase exposure to the language, and develop autonomous learning skills.

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