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To get an idea of some ways you can use weblogs in ESL/EFL, take a look at various types of weblogs created by both educators and students.

Brilliantly useful blog for language teachers wishing to incorporate technology into their teaching.

One of the easiest places to start a blog.


Example of an online concordance.

Business letter concordance.


Suite of software programe inluding six applications. Free only for non-profit educational users when pages are made available on the web. Mac and pc.

Create activities, games, quizzes and tests for a fee.

Interactive whiteboards

Good site for information and demos

Information on products.

Macmillan English Campus

Video-capture software

Russell Stannard shows you ‘how’ with lots of useful, free training videos on using technology.

Mind mapping

A time-trial demo is available.


Site for teachers and students to upload their own podcasts.

Open-source cross-platform sound editor and recorder suitable for podcasting.

Virtual learning environments

This is an unfinished site which enables educators to try out some of the features of Moodle.


Site for teachers and students to start their own wiki.

Wiki set up by an ELT publisher.

Download the list as a Word document here.

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