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This page contains links to materials on this website and others that are useful for improving your English. We will be adding things quite often so please visit again.

We always like to receive feedback. If you like these materials, are looking for something specific on the web or want to make a suggestion, please contact us.

Online dictionaries

The online version of the Macmillan English Dictionary offers many of the features of the CD-ROM version:

  • pronunciation models
  • frequency rating
  • thesaurus
  • collocations lists

You can also click on any word in the definition and example sentence text and the dictionary will look it up.


This is a chart of the phonetic symbols. You can use it on the website or download a Flash version to use on your computer. When you click on a symbol you will hear the sound and an example word.

PowerPoint presentations

These files are Pete’s PowerPoint Presentation on Technology in Language teaching. It’s in two parts:

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