I’m really pleased that George Drivas, the Head of the Department of Foreign Languages at Doukas Schools is posting over a copy of his book Education, learning and training in a Digital Society (Express Publishing). I understand this is a practical handbook which aims “to help educators to become aware of the digital learning environments”.

Not only that, I believe I’ll meet the author himself next January. On Saturday 21 January 2012, I’ll be at the Hellenic¬†American Union, Athens giving a talk for the Panhellenic Association of Accredited Quality Language Schools. Then on Sunday, I’ll be at TESOL Greece, Patras.

See the Events page for more details of the talks.

I haven’t been to Greece for many, many years and I’ve never been to a TESOL conference there – so I’m really looking forward to this trip!

Education, learning and training in a Digital Society

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